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Since antiquity a distinction has been made between liberal and menial arts. The first ones were those which helped students achieve intelectual skills, while the second ones were aimed at the development of minor skills or handcrafts. There were seven liberal arts, divided into two different groups:

  • Trivium ( the three ways ) which covered Grammar, Rhetoric and Dialectics. All these disciplines had to do with Language.
  • And Quadrivium( the four ways ) which included Geometry, Astronomy, Arithmetic and Music, the mathematical-scientific disciplines.

This distinction between Trivium and Quadrivium has ever since been of such importance that the distinction between scientific subjects and those which have to do with language is still regarded nowadays.

Quadrivium Centre of Studies is born, just like its name, from the convergence of four ways which emanate both from science and language. From four teacher with a vocation for bringing together these ways, irreconcilable in appearance, so as to help students find skills to develop their intellect and lead them towards academic and personal success.


Quadrivium Centro de Estudios

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